Novant Health Connection

Manage your health care online by being connected to your medical information through Novant Healthcare Services is a secure and convenient way to access your personal health information. With many services available, simply log in using your Mychart username and unique password to sign in.

If you do not yet have a member account, you will need to use your activation code to create one. If you do not have an activation code you can request one. To do either of these, locate the appropriate link located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Click the one that pertains to you to start registering your account.


As a member you’ll be able to do the following completely online from your computer, laptop or even mobile device:

  • Schedule an appointment
  • Find a physician
  • Find a practice
  • Pay bills
  • Preregister
  • Gain health information
  • Use the symptom checker tool
  • Contact customer service

Download the my chart app from that will allow you to remotely and securely access all of your personal health information from your mobile device or smart phone. All you need is a smart device and a reliable Internet connection to use the app.

You’ll notice that there are eight different icons that will take you to your required destination as a member. Click the title or image that pertains to the part of the site you would like to visit. Using makes managing your healthcare easier than ever before. Reviewing personalized health information is a great way to keep on top of one’s personal health. Health issues and concerns that one may have can be communicated completely through emails that even allow for photos to be sent. If you’re running low on prescription medication, you can request renewals. Now quicker than ever, you can view laboratory test results. This can typically be done in days instead of weeks as in the past. Easily schedule new appointments or manage existing appointments. Access your families records and learn about your health and health history. Last but not least take advantage of the ability to pay your bills online.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact a customer care representative by calling 855-803-3742. MyNovant offices are available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM. Novant health probably serves North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.


How do I sign up for Novant MyChart?

Sign up for MyChart Email your care team directly. Request prescription renewals. Schedule appointments with your existing providers. View laboratory test results.

How do I find my chart?

Enter your MyChart Access Code exactly as it appears on your After Visit Summary or enrollment letter. You will not need to use this code after you've completed the signup process. Please enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Enter your date of birth in the format shown, using 4 digits for the year.

Is there an app for MyChart?

Current MyChart users can download the MyChart mobile application, available at no cost. View test results, medications, immunizations, past and future appointments and more. The MyChart® mobile application is currently available on the Apple® App StoreSM and the Android MarketTM.

How do I print my MyChart results?

Below are some options to help you print specific information from your MyChart account. On your personal computer: Select and hold the Ctrl key and the P key at the same time. Then release both keys. A print menu will open.

How do I activate my Navy Federal gift card?

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How do I activate my Navy Federal debit card on the app?

How do I activate it? Activate your debit card by calling 1-888-842-6328 or sign into online banking and click "Account Services." You can also set or change your PIN using our mobile app.

How do I use a Navy Federal gift card online?

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How do I activate my Navy Federal debit card on the app?

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