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Log in to shop or inquire about a current order status regarding your checks at ordermychecks.com. Whenever you need to reorder checks online, make sure to use Harland Clarke through order my checks service, that is one of the leading check printers and is trusted by credit unions and banks throughout the United States. Order at your convenience 24 hours a day seven days a week online, or call toll-free at 1-800-275-1053.

Order business or personal checks that include both safety and security. Find the styles and accessories you’re looking for. Intuit, Quicken and Microsoft software compatible business checks and envelopes are currently available. Order Harland, Liberty, Transaction Graphics, and Expert Checks.


Express yourself and your personality through designs and logos presented on your checks. When you log into your account to order, there will be over 90 exciting check designs and related products to choose from. For only $9.95 you can protect your credit card information by ordering card defense sleeves that help block electronic pickpocketing by wireless scanners. Available products include:

  • Personal and Business checks
  • Home office desk products
  • Accessories such as labels, stamps, organizers and registers
  • Deposit tickets

To log in with ordermychecks.com and check on a current check order or to fill out a reorder form provide the following information:

  1. Routing and transit number, this information can be located on the bottom left of your current check or reorder form.
  2. Account number, which can be found on the bottom of your current reorder form and may be shown with spaces and symbols, but do type them into the required box.
  3. Choose whether you are wanting to order personal or business checks and supplies then click login.

When choosing to buy checks for either business or personal use, make sure to turn to the leading provider of best in class integrated payment solutions, marketing services and retail products. Harland Clarke provides services as well as products to almost 12,500 commercial clients and currently employs over 3500 people nationwide. Use a name that is trusted nationwide when it comes to ordering your checks online.

Contact ordermychecks customer service to view shipping and tracking information or ask questions concerning your current order. The call center is available 24 hours a day and can be reached by dialing 1-800-275-1053 or 1-800-503-2345.