Pearson’s MyLabPlus

Use Pearson’s MyLabPlus to help you manage your enrollment and courses through their online campus portal on the official website A more engaged learner is a more successful student in the classroom and well into their career. Pearson’s has designed educational technology to engage their students while helping them learn and reach specific learning goals.

You can use the online campus portal to connect to your student information system, learning management system, allowing students and administration to monitor progress throughout your courses. This portal makes MyLab & Mastering from Pearson accessible while boosting efficacy and further encouraging student success.


Students can use this hub to stay connected with interactive learning. There are many stories from schools that have used to enhance technology int he classroom. Students interested in reading more about this can check out the “Results” page. Pearson’s also offers support to the students through the technical support website or their 24 hour support team at (888) 883-1229.

Pearson My Lab Plus has established a community centered around personalized learning where students can connect with other students or with instructors. This helps them get the most out of their courses, to share ideas, and brainstorm with each other. Educators can use this community to:

  • Share Ideas
  • Energize their classrooms
  • Brainstorm teaching challenges
  • Exchange technology tips and training
  • Share Syllabi, lecture notes, and materials

To connect with this community you will simply need to create a personalized user-name and password. A single sign-on from your campus portal enables easy, convenient access to your customized Mastering Learning resources & MyLab on a campus-wide scale.