Postal Address Change

Go ahead and update your address online by using Through this online service, changing addresses is no longer a hassle – you can transfer houses whenever you want! The process is also very simple, just type in the required information on the ‘Change Address Form’ and use the green ‘Submit’ button when you’re done. Some of the information that you need to provide are your old address, your new address, name, email and contact number. is a secure and private portal. If you use this service, you can be assured that all your personal information will remain private and protected. The company is independently owned and operated by Bridgevine, Inc. and is not affiliated in any way with the United States Postal Service. However, it is an authorized organization that processes change requests in behalf of its users. For only $39.95, you can update your address in a quick, convenient and most importantly, safe manner.


Advantages of Using MyChangeAddress

  • It lets you submit your USPS address change quickly and easily. As long as you have a computer, laptop or any gadget that’s connected to the internet, you can update your information anytime, anywhere!
  • The process is guaranteed safe and secure. As of today, there are more than 1 million people who have changed their information through this online service.
  • My Change Address also lets you set up mail forwarding with the post office. In that way, you can be sure that your mails are delivered to your new home on time.

Things You Can Do on the Portal

Aside from letting you alter your address with the United States Post Office, using also allows you to access DMV and IRS address change forms. From here, you can have access to the FREE e-book with tips on lowering your energy & moving costs, enjoy exclusive moving savings on home services and take advantage of the safest, most secure online service available.

For answers to common questions, please refer to the FAQs page – the link is located on the bottom area of the portal. But if you need further assistance and would like to send an email directly to customer service, use the ‘Contact Us’ link instead. You can fill out the form provided on that page and submit it when you’re done or call this toll free number: 1-866-332-3857.