Premium Credit Account

Use the online member portal to manage your premium credit account at Your account is available on demand allowing you to use a platform to electronically sign you going r credit agreement. With a membership account you can keep track of all upcoming payments as well as payments that have been made and the ability to also manage your account details.

With over 25 years experience, premium credit is the number one provider of top of the line finance in the UK and Ireland. With currently over 2 million customers, the services provided help businesses and individuals spread the cost of their insurance premiums. Finances to pay annual fees such as membership subscriptions, accountancy fees and commercial service charges are provided to help make payments more flexible.


If you do not currently have an account with is quick and easy to create your account today. You will have access to:

  • Electronically sign your credit agreement
  • Track and manage your direct debit payments
  • Gain access to your credit agreements at your convenience

With three easy steps you can create an account. You will need to enter your 10 character credit agreement reference number. This will start with either a C or a D and can be found at the top of any correspondence from premium credit. You’ll need to agreeing to the terms and conditions before continuing with the registration process.

If you currently arty have an account, signing in for existing users is easy. Using the email address that you entered one registering your account, inserted into the required box. Next, enter your unique password then click “sign in”.

If you need help to an answer you’re not sure of, you can use the mypremiumcredit support Center. You will be given help with:

  • Setting up My Agreement
  • My Payments
  • Changing My Details
  • Changing My Credit Agreement
  • Renewing My Agreement
  • Canceling My Agreement