Prepaid Current Balance Center

Sign in or activate your prepaid card with your username or card number to access your cardholder account using This destination portal is for managing American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa prepaid cards from InteliSpend prepaid solutions. Your universal Visa or MasterCard prepaid account is a convenient, way to manage your finances when shopping, dining out, traveling and much more.

Use it like a debit card, spending anywhere major brand debit cards are accepted. Check your balance, view transactions and more using the prepaid account center. Particular merchants are on board to grant 5% back when used to shop at their particular locations. Use as a debit card, but swipe as a credit card.


MyCurrentBalance Card Activation

  1. From the login page, choose the activate card tab
  2. Enter card number in the required box
  3. Choose the correct expiration date
  4. Enter the valid security code
  5. Click “Log in”

Create a My Current Balance Profile

  1. Choose the create profile tab from the login page
  2. Enter primary account holder’s first name
  3. Last name
  4. Card number
  5. Expiration date
  6. Security code
  7. Unique username
  8. Valid email address
  9. Select a security question
  10. Security answer
  11. Password
  12. Click “Create Profile”

If you have a code that you want to redeem for, click the redeem code tab from the login screen. Enter your code, confirm that you’re not a robot and click next to continue.

Key features of My Current Balance Services

When you shop smart you will get 5% back used at popular places. Spend like a credit card anywhere debit MasterCard is accepted or Visa excluding gas pumps and ATMs. Enhance your card security by logging in and signing up for transaction text and email alerts.

To check your cards balance, login and visit the my cards page. If you try to spend more than can be processed for the cards balance, it will be declined. You can contact cardholder services for assistance at the point-of-sale, to report a lost or stolen card, and for any issues that are not addressed in the frequently asked questions section.

American Express call 888-900-2347

Discover call 888-842-0336

MasterCard call 888-371-2109

Visa call 877-610-1075