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Sign in or register your Prime Therapeutics account to get information and price your medicines at Get the medicine you need to feel better and live well. Manage your prescriptions and drug benefits in a new and improved experience. As a member you will be able to access your account information, refill a prescription, find medicines and pharmacies and view claim history and primemail orders.

Without an account, you can continue without signing in by selecting what your health plan is. With the drop-down menu, you can select between a wide array of health plans. Once you have selected your health plan, click continue to MyPrime get started.


MyPrime.Com Benefits

  • Mobile friendly, designed to work on your tablet, desktop, laptop or phone
  • Find medicine, as well as cost-saving tips, price estimates, coverage info and drug interactions
  • Locate pharmacies with directions, prices and pharmacies in your area that are participating. For home delivery services learn more about myprimemail
  • Easily search and track your prescription history
  • Download forms for new orders, refills and home delivery information
  • Watch a wide array of videos or visit the learn section to get information you need regarding your medicines and prescriptions

Register a MyPrime account and see your prescription history as well as drug pricing in real time for a personalized online experience. Registering is easy and is only three steps, you will need to have your member ID card to get started.

  • Enter your plan information including what your health plan is and if you are a Medicare part D member.
  • Enter your personal information as it appears on your member ID card, if you are a new user you will need to allow up to 24 hours to complete your registration.
  • Create your account using a unique case-sensitive 6 to 12 character username. You must have a valid email address that can be used to contact you. Choose a password for your account that is not easily forgotten. Choose a security question and type in your answer, finally accept terms and conditions to complete your registration.

FAQs Help and Contact Options

If you’re having trouble registering on the website, cannot get the system to recognize your sign on username or password, or are receiving an error message such as we have detected two prescription drug coverage is for this ID number. You will find the answers to these problems on the contact options page.

The fastest way to get a response to a question or problem you’re having is by phone. You can call 1-855-457-0007 24 hours a day seven days a week. A link is available to send an email if you prefer to have questions or get help troubleshooting problems online. Simply fill in the required fields and you will have an answer typically within five business days.