ResMed MyAir Healthy Living

Work towards a happier and healthier life with Create an account or log into your existing account with ResMed to access all of the features of your account. With myAir you are able to start your journey to a great night’s sleep. If you have been having issues sleeping and are dying for a great night’s sleep, you can use sleep therapy in order to achieve this goal.

MyAir acts as a sleep coach. It is incredibly easy to use once you log into your myair.resmed account. Once you log in, everything is right there in front of you. You can view your myAirresmed score. This nightly score will show you at a glance how your sleep therapy went the previous night and let you track your progress so that you can keep an eye on how well you’re doing. If you face as obstacle such as an issue with your face mask, you can see a video on how to fix it by logging into your account.


More About Your MyResMed Account Features

An excellent feature of your account is the texts and emails that you will receive to help you along your way to better sleep. My Air Red Med also gives you complete access to an entire library with a variety of videos and handy tips to make handling your sleep even easier, and so that you do not feel alone in this journey.

If you would like to view more details about your sleep therapy than your myAir score provides, you can view your sleep data or order to do so. MyAir tracks four different important metrics of your nightly therapy sessions. If you are looking on how to increase your comfort, you can view that personalized coaching tips that are available to help you get a better sleep.

If you would like even more on the go convenience, you can download the myAir for Air10 by RedMed app from the Apple App Store. You can use the button at the very button of the homepage in order to do this. It will redirect you to the correct download page on the App Store.

If you are looking for help with any of the following, you can use the Support link at the bottom of the homepage:

  • MyAir basics
  • Setup/registration
  • Login
  • Account changes
  • Notification preferences
  • Data
  • Treatment
  • Equipment
  • Library
  • Security
  • Myresmed score