Retirement Site Account Access

Activate your participant portal for your retirement site at You’ll gain access to your retirement account allowing you to login, change your password, change your PIN and do so much more. Having access to your retirement ADP 401k account is important, and knowing that your retirement funds and well-being is looked after in a safe and secure manner should make you feel secure about using In order to view and take complete advantage of the participant portal is important that you use a supported browser. These browsers include Windows 7 and Windows XP on browsers such as Firefox and chrome as well as Windows Internet Explorer.

The participant portal is available to all those who participate in the plan. The very first time you want to use the 401k retirement portal, you will see a terms and conditions statement which you should read and acknowledged by clicking the accept button. If you do not accept the terms and conditions you will not be allowed to access the site.


Enter your retirement account using your assigned user ID and password. Click login after you have completed the required information. If you do not currently have a my K plan account, you can register as a new user. Click the register as a new user button on the homepage found at Enter the required information such as your Social Security number, PIN number, date of birth and ZIP Code. Once this information has been entered correctly you can click to register to complete your registration process.

There are many functions available in the participant portal. The key functions for your account include the following:

  • Ability to view your account summary
  • Change your contribution election
  • Transfer funds
  • Request alone
  • Download a withdrawal or termination form
  • View and print a report of any details regarding transactions on your account
  • Get descriptions of all the funds in your company’s plans as well as rates of return, portfolio holdings and fun compositions.
  • View a variety of calculators and educational materials that will help to make you a more well-informed plan participant.