San Bernardino Property Tax Info

Access San Bernardino County tax information, get your tax bill, pay your taxes online and much more through The San Bernardino County auditor Treas. and tax collectors office has set out to conduct County business in a fair, professional manner that is accessible to all citizens. If you have questions or concerns, need to pay bills or look for information concerning your tax information, the office under Larry Walker will provide everything you need.

Currently the tax collector provides service to over 730,000 property owners as well as 42,000 businesses and 40 school districts. There are 26 RDA successor agencies throughout 31 cities that serve over 600 taxing agencies.


You will find continually improving tools that will help you to conduct your business with the San Bernardino County tax collector, effectively and efficiently. The office is responsible for the collection of property taxes, you will be able to pay your property taxes conveniently and securely online using the services of The treasurer provides banking services for all departments of the county who invest in the county treasury pool. Online auctions are available for tax defaulted properties to be purchased.

Services available include:

  • Paying Your Taxes Online
  • Property Tax Information
  • Getting a Copy of Your Tax Bill
  • Getting Help to Understand Your Tax Bill
  • Understanding Postmarks
  • New Homeowner Information
  • Important Dates
  • Mobile Home Tax Clearances
  • Tax Relief Programs
  • Tax Sale Information
  • Unclaimed Property Tax Refunds
  • Transient Occupancy Tax
  • Bulk Tax Payments

Receive your tax bills delivered personally to your email through the electronic tax bill delivery service. You can then use your credit card to make a convenient yet secure payment using