Sheetz Benefits Portal

Log in to your Sheetz employee portal account with your username and password to access benefits and much more using This health and wellness presentation an employee portal can be accessed by any Sheetz employee with an Internet connection and a computer or smart device.

Gain access to quarterly benefit newsletters to keep all employees up-to-date on health plan features with your personal account. These newsletters also include information regarding activities that drive up costs and how employees can reduce them. For example when medical assistance is needed, visit in urgent care clinic instead of an emergency room.


MySheetzLife Benefits

Sheetz has taken the opportunity to control healthcare costs and to provide a great culture and environment for employees to enjoy while at work. A healthcare facility is available for employees to schedule appointments online or over the phone which allows them to be in and out within 20 minutes. The employee center dispenses over 30 of the most commonly used medications.

  • Full health screening
  • Certified dietitian and health coach
  • Fitness facilities
  • Daily fitness classes
  • Take full advantage of the life benefits offered to Sheetz employees and the ability to access the member portal online 24 hours a day.

To create or register a new account, first time users will need to reference the welcome letter that contains the unique username and password for the initial login. Returning users, should create their own password and not share it with anyone else. For help concerning your ability to login to My Sheetz Life, you can reach customer service or store solutions by calling 1-800-487-5444.