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If you are a soldier or airman, you can now conveniently shop for U.S. goods and services online by using The Exchange is the retailer on U.S. Army and Air Force installations and is headquartered in Dallas, TX. It is the oldest and largest of the Department of Defense’s exchange services, operating in department stores, convenience stores, restaurants, movie theaters and online shopping site to serve soldiers, airmen and their families. Aside from providing retail support to the family, the Exchange also outfits troops with combat uniforms at cost, and serves school lunches for children attending Department of Defense Schools overseas.

The Exchange has U.S. bases in Belgium, Germany, Italy, England, Turkey, South Korea and Japan. It also operates in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries in the region. The company’s goal is to ensure that every soldier and airman always has access to U.S. goods and services wherever he or she is. The first Exchange was established in 1941, it became the Army & Air Force Exchange Service in 1948 after the Air Force was formed. On, you can learn more about the company and its services. Here, you can also shop with confidence, add items to your wish list or log in to your account if you already have one.


How to Find a ShopMyExchange Store in Your Area

  • Look for the ‘Find a Store’ link on the portal. This is located on the top left area, beside the ‘Chat with Us’ link.
  • Use this link to access the search page; you can search by address, city, country, state, postal code, store name and even indicate the distance by miles.

Logging In to Your Account on Shop My Exchange

If you already have an account with Exchange and would like to access it, simply go through the steps below:

  1. Look for the ‘Sign In’ link on the portal and use it to prompt the login window. This is located on the top right area of the page.
  2. On the login window, please enter your username/email address and password to their corresponding spaces.
  3. Use the blue ‘Login’ button to proceed to your account.
  4. In the event that you forget your username and/or password, use the appropriate links to get help.

If you use the ‘Register’ link instead, this will redirect you to the online registration page where you can create your account. Creating your account will let you take advantage of privileges such as no sales tax, no shipping, access to a wide variety of products, etc.

What is MyECP?

The Exchange Credit Program is operated and funded by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, a branch of the Department of Defense. Its core mission is to offer responsible credit solutions to customers and today, there are approximately 2 million cardholders from all branches of service. ECP operates the Military Star Card program on behalf of the Army, Navy, Marines Corps and Coast Guard. The customers of Military Star benefit from fair and flexible terms to help them safely and affordably build credit, multiple discounts that help them save money and programs that support the well-being of their military community. Get more information on