SkoolApp School Management

Login to your school and college management software system account by using MySkoolApp is a user-friendly, easy-to-use, productive and cost-efficient cloud-based School Management System. It is well-designed, competent and an economical solution that needs no installation. It helps students, teachers and parents become more productive by saving their time from non-valuable activities. The application has awesome features that are self-explanatory; you don’t need to be tech-savvy in order to enjoy it.

My Skool App is accessible through any web browser. Web-based applications are the ultimate way to take advantage of today’s technology to enhance an organization’s efficiency and productivity. If you use this app, you no longer need to subscribe to expensive system-based ERPs. It is also available on mobile devices – you’ll have the information you need right in your pocket! Designed with amazing features, this system is a compact and smart way to access information anytime and anywhere. Learn more about this application on


How to Log In to Your MySkoolApp Account

My Skool App offers four types of account: admin, teachers, parents and student. For example, you have a student account, these are the benefits that you can enjoy when using the app:

  • Act smartly and keep your class and school activities at your fingertips.
  • SMART e-diary, never miss your school homework even when you’re away.
  • Access school photo gallery and share your precious moments with your friends via social media.
  • Your school is always with you, wherever you are.

Look for the blue ‘Login’ button on the portal and use it to access the login page. Enter your username and password to their corresponding fields and use the blue ‘Sign In’ button to proceed. In the event that you forget your password, get assistance by using the appropriate link.

How to Get Help on My Skool App

To get help on My Skool App’s portal, just use the ‘Contact Us’ link found on the top area of the page. From here, you can fill out the online form provided to enable the system to route your request to the appropriate person. You can expect a response from MySkoolApp within 48 hours.

You can also find the numbers to call to get in touch with Mr. Amarpreet Singh and Mr. Navdeep Singh on this page, +91 89688 12357 and +91 98153 81624 respectively. If you prefer to send in an email, you may use either [email protected] or [email protected] – whichever is appropriate.