Sky Link Stolen Vehicle Location

Manage your account with Sky Link online by using Sky Link protects your vehicle by allowing you to locate it in real time in case of theft. Its latest GPS and cellular technology can help decrease your susceptibility to auto theft, which is getting more rampant every year. Based on a survey conducted by the FBI, a motor vehicle is stolen in the United States every 28.8 seconds, the odds of a vehicle being stolen is 1 in 210 and the current motor vehicle theft rate is 315 per 100,000 people.

To safeguard what matters to you, subscribe to Sky Link now! The cost to replace your vehicle and all other possessions that you may lose during theft is significant. Don’t wait until you have become a victim of such an aggravating situation – be one step ahead of the thieves! SkyLink can help you save thousands of dollars by locating your stolen vehicle in real-time and cut down your insurance premiums. The company also offers a money-back guarantee, which means you have nothing to lose if you subscribe. Get more information about the company’s products and services on


How to Get Started on MySky-Link

My SkyLink is only available through your local automotive dealership. Specialists are ready to answer your questions and help you find the nearest dealership in your area. Don’t go one more day of being unprotected, get Sky Link installed in your vehicle today!

Customer service for stolen vehicles is available 24/7 while general customer service can be reached from 7am to 6pm, MST.

How to Log In to My Sky Link

If you already have an account with Sky Link and would like to access it, please refer to the instructions below:

  1. Look for the button that says ‘Log In or Register’ on Sky Link’s portal and use it to access the proper login page. This is located on the upper right corner of the page.
  2. There are 2 login areas on the next page: new subscriber and current subscriber. Choose the one that’s appropriate and enter the required information on their respective fields.
  3. For current subscribers, your email address is also your username. Use the ‘Log In’ button to proceed to your account.
  4. In the event that you forget your password, use the appropriate link to get help immediately.
  5. If you have any question or problem logging in, please call 1-877-600-6101.