St. Edwards University Login

Access many different ways to help you achieve your future career with MyHilltop.  With twenty-one partner universities all over the world, My Hilltop is a way for you to easily keep track of your financial college funding.  St. Edwards University was established in 1841, Father Edward Sorin, crossed ocean’s blue to establish universities all over the world.  Some of these included Notre Dame along with St. Edwards Universities.  Located in Austin, Texas, St. Edward’s has been ranked by U.S. News and World Report, number thirteen, out of the best western colleges to attend in 2015-2016! As a Catholic University, the university conveys the importance for religious studies to “pursue a more just world and by providing opportunities for religious studies and participation in campus ministry.”

With many ways to help students succeed, My Hilltop is one of the ways students manage financial aid and funding.  The university account has many easy-to-access features to assist you in achieving financial goals.  Simple to use and with many different options for you to secure payment arrangements and receive refunds.


Getting the Most Out of your Financial Solutions with MyHilltop

While achieving and setting goals for your college career, you can be assured that by using, you will find out that the account features are really easy to use.  To access My Hilltop, just locate the “claim your account” and enter the current username and password, accept the terms and conditions, and set up additional password recovery options and security questions.  You will see in your account the different options such as:

  • My Account
  • Payments
  • Payment Plans
  • eStatements
  • eDeposits
  • eRefunds

These are some of the services accessible at My Hilltop.  Payment plans are also available to set up in your account.  To ensure quick, hassle-free payments, you also can set up automatic payment installments to make it even easier to make a payment.  The “display schedule” will show when future payments will be withdrawn.

There is also a checking/savings option called, “electronic check” and after entering your account routing and banking numbers you can use this option as well to make payments.  Payments can also be automatically debited from a debit card.  You can also set up manual payments if you do not want to have them automatically taken out.  After your My Hill Top account is all ready to go, you can accept the service agreement and then get back to classes!  Very simple to use, and of course if you need help contact the Office of Information Technology .