Time and Attendance Tracking

Use the time and attendance system with fast scan technology for employees to punch in and out through mytimestation.com. All that is needed is an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with a front facing camera. Running in the cloud, there is no need for servers to maintain or software, as managers can see who’s in and run time and attendant reports anytime anywhere it is needed.

If you have or run a small to medium-sized business and are looking to track time and attendance without a ton of overhead or extra cost consider mytimestation as a cost effective system that may cover all of your needs. Time station is extremely versatile and offers a variety of applications.


The sign-up process is easy allowing you and your company to get up and running in just minutes. The fast scan technology that is used allows employees to punch in and out in less than one second, also allowing employees to have the option to punch and by pin number if there card is not available. The software is cloud-based meaning that there is no software to buy or hardware to maintain, as long as you have access to the Internet you can use the my time station software.

The software allows the following:

  • Track employee time and attendance
  • Track student attendance for schools
  • Track member attendance for a club or group
  • Track any time spent across multiple projects through different clients

The reporting is so advanced that managers have the access and ability to run reports and track attendance as well as calculate pay. Reports are easily exported in different formats that allow for easy integration with payroll systems. The system is self-service allowing employees to review their activity, punch in and out as well is run reports and create or edit time entries. This service is completely manageable through business owners or managers to allow employees to only have control over functionality that is allowed.

GPS location is another great feature of this software system. It allows once to map geographical locations of where employees are punching in and out from. Time station can also operate without Internet, known as an off-line running system. The ability to link multiple time stations across your company is also allowed, helping to integrate different parts and departments of a single business.

Finally, my time station is extremely secure using industry standard SSL encryption for both the official website and the mobile app. All and all, this ensures that any data you have a cure on all aspects of every function available through mytimestation.