Track your Belts MEP’s

Register your belt for accurate monitoring to improve your quality of life at This system helps any age, shape or size to live an active life. Together those who put forth the effort for physical activity can change the health of the world!

MyZone ‘s track of effort points in a point or metric system known as MEP’s. This point system accumulates for every minute of activity that a belt user spends in one of the five effort intensity zones based on an individual’s maximum heart rate. The more effort one puts forth, the more my zone effort points are earned.

Calories burned are then calculated through the duration and time of activity with the use of bio and pendant scales that can monitor and track values such as weight, body water percentage, muscle mass, metabolic age, body fat and much more. The information is stored on each user’s own cloud-based account. The activity for each registered member, is automatically uploaded and is stored in an online log book of physical activity.


Steps of using

  1. Fit the my belt then start my move
  2. Live data is then displayed when in my gym exercise away from Jim is recorded
  3. Workout data is uploaded and registered at the my zone facility
  4. Email updates involving summary of workout after upload
  5. Check your results online
  6. Tracking and challenges keeps me motivated
  7. Achieve my goals

Overall myzone improves one’s quality of life by providing an accurate monitoring system that helps encourage those who use it to put forth an effort during physical activity. If you have not registered your belt, simply click the button titled “Register Your Belt”to get started. Choose the language in wich you want to complete the application process. Next enter the facility code followed by the unique belt ID, a valid email address and password. Once you have entered your information correctly, you’ll be register to start using the my zone effort points metric system for measuring physical activity. Login and check your progress daily.