Travel & Trip Tools

Check your trip status by using your booking reference number and last name through Logging in or creating an account gives you access to an abundance of trip and travel tools. This complete set of tools is built to support your trips. Quickly and easily browse destination guides, flights and airport guides and subway maps.

Account registration is vital to take advantage of all tools offered by and Amadeus. Personal accounts allow members to retrieve and manage different elements of a trips itinerary. Modifying your travel plans may need to be done through the travel provider in which tickets were purchased from.

Easily specify your starting point and arrival point through country, city, postal code and address for quick and easy driving directions. Instantly have access to weather information, currency information, car rental and much more. The complete set of tools to support your trips include everything you need to plan the best vacation or trip for you and your family. Learn how to protect your trip investment with a mytravelers insurance account. The best way to feel safe and secure when you travel.


Tools Available through CheckMyTrip

  • International clock
  • Weather information
  • Currency and conversion rates
  • Destination guides
  • Airport guide
  • Subway map
  • Driving directions
  • City Search

Check My Trip Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I make changes to my booking?
  • How do I check into my flight?
  • Where can I find my electronic ticket was to mark
  • How do I store or print my boarding pass?
  • How do I select a seat for my flight and checkmy trip?

Account Management and Creation

A valid email address and password must be provided in order to create a valid account. Click the register button and an email will be sent with an activation link that will allow you to validate your email address. Once validation is complete, you can then log in. The activation link sent to the account holders email address is only valid for 40 hours. If at any point, you cannot see a recently added trip, logout from your account and then log in again. You may delete trips from your list by using the delete option within your account management.

Your six digit PNR or record locator also your booking reference number is vital to find your booking information and should be provided by your travel provider. Some flight alert messages are available as push notifications and send via email. These alerts and messages are based on information provided by providers who specialize in flight status and are not always active for every booking update.

For any issues or concerns regarding your trip, make sure to contact your booking provider for all details information. Checkmytrip classic allows you to view your travel itinerary online and these features include eticket numbers, add to desktop calandar or PDA and destination information. This is achieved by use of a reservation number and passengers last name.