U.S. Bank Visa Rewards Card

Log into the U.S. Bank rewards card site to check your card balance at myusbankcorporaterewards.com. This card gives each recipient the convenience and flexibility to use anywhere Visa and MasterCard debit cards are accepted.

Using myusbankcorporaterewards.com with your card number, the last four digits of your phone number and the three digit specified code, you can login to do a multitude of account management specifications. With 24 hour a day access, easily check the balance of your card, view the transaction history for purchases made as well as register your card to make it able to be used for Internet, phone and catalog purchases.

To access your account you will need to be logged in. If your card has not yet been registered you will need to enter “9999” in place of the last four digits of your phone number and the login process. Keeping track of your balance is important and will allow you to keep funds available when they are needed as you shop with this card anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted.


Log into Your Rewards Account

  1. Returning cardholders enter the card number
  2. Last four of phone or “9999”
  3. Three digit code
  4. Click log in


  • Below is a list of the top most frequently asked questions dealing with U.S. Bank corporate rewards card program.
  • What is the US banks reward card and how is it used?
  • Where can it be used?
  • Is a credit card?
  • Must I sign an agreement?
  • What are the fees that come with the service of using this card?
  • What can I do if my car does not have enough funds to cover the balance of my purchase?

Complete answers to these questions and many more can be found at the myusbankcorporaterewards FAQ page. Simply click the link titled “FAQ” to find the complete list of questions and answers. If you have further concerns, or need help troubleshooting something regarding your account you can call 866-466-8099 for customer service that is available 24 hours a day. You can also use the same phone number to report if your card is lost or stolen. You can have your card replaced for a $15 fee.