United Health One Portal

Access the UnitedHealthOne online member portal by logging into your account through MyUHOne.com. It has never been easier to take charge of your health and healthcare. By registering or logging in you will have access to a wealth of online tools and information pacifically built and targeted to help you take control of your wellness.

Many benefits are available for United health one, but you must register in order to take advantage of these benefits. You can easily review claim information, view your available benefits and find health information and much more through MyUHOne.com. Current members can sign in using a valid username and password, while new members can quickly and easily register.


MyUHOne Registration

Registering for a new account only takes a few minutes and will immediately give you access to a wealth of information concerning your health care. To get started you must do the following:

  1. Enter information shown on your ID card or on coverage materials.
  2. Read over and review the user agreement as well as the privacy policy and security information.
  3. Choose a username and password to be used as the primary account holder along with answering a secret question.

Once the registration process has been completed, current members will receive a confirmation email to the email address used to create the new member account. If for any reason you do not have your ID card, registration is still possible by signing up using information from your coverage materials.

To locate a provider or find a doctor, you can access a comprehensive nationwide network that provides significant discounts on the cost of medical services. To get started visit myuhone.com/provider and enter your current ZIP Code, shopper or current customer and product.

Members can now take advantage of the HSA Center. This health savings accounts gives greater control over healthcare spending, triple tax advantages and retirement and health care savings. Many people are looking for ways to save on health insurance, and at the same time control healthcare spending while reducing their taxes. Resources available can help you become better informed through the use of video clips, interactive calculators and other tools that allow you to estimate health insurance savings, tax savings and future value with an HSA.

My UHOne members are served a multitude of nutrition and wellness tips frequently. A wealth of information that feeds its readers and members simple techniques for eating right, and making simple steps towards improving fitness. From simple ways to save money and eat smart to the advantages of aerobics and weightlifting. Take advantage of the ever changing and always updated wellness and fitness tips available to improve your lifestyle.

You can contact a live customer service professional and representative by using your ID card issued by Golden rule insurance company and the telephone number 1-800-657-8205. To reach the claims department concerning medical, drug, and smart guard send a claim fax to 801-478-7581. If you have an ID card that was issued by United healthcare life insurance company, and your coverage was effective prior to November 1, 2019 you can contact customer service by calling 1-800-657-8205 Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM.