Vanilla Prepaid Debit Card Account

Log into your account or activate your vanilla Visa or MasterCard debit card through Getting started is easy, sign in with your user ID and password to access your account. To set up your online account you can get started by using your vanilla debit card number along with the three digit security code located on the back the card.

Using your vanilla Visa or MasterCard debit card is just as easy as using a credit card. You can enjoy all the benefits that my vanilla or mio card has to offer. When using the card at an ATM to withdraw funds, make sure to select “checking”when offered account options. Is important that you know your balance before making purchases, as merchants cannot determine your cards balance and your car will be declined if there’s not enough funds. Use to check your account often or contact customer care by calling 1-855-686-9513.


It is highly recommended that when you make purchases with your vanilla debit card that you keep all receipts of transactions and purchases made. If at any point you want to make a purchase that is greater than the amount balance your card has, typically retailers will allow you use a second payment method whether it be cash, check, debit card or credit card to pay off the remaining difference. However not all merchants will allow you to do this.

When you’re ready to reload your vanilla debit card, it is easy and can be done in any amount ranging from $20-$500. You can apply funds by visiting . Some network retailers of the vanilla debit card or the mio card have the ability to reload your card at the register, while some do not. Another way you can add funds to your card is to download the direct deposit form located in the my account section in your my vanilla prepaid debit card account and have money from your paycheck automatically added.

If your card is lost or stolen, you can report this to customer service by calling 1-866-840-6461 or you can write to:
my vanilla customer care
PO Box 826
Fortson, GA 31808