Virtual Merchant Payment Platform

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Why Create an Account with MyVirtualMerchant?

  • Flexible – it allows you to manage your e-commerce business with your other payment transactions in a secure place.
  • Back Office Mail & Phone – it allows you to make mail and phone payments with just a few mouse clicks. It is highly recommended for recurring and installment payments as well.
  • In-Store – it allows you to make hassle-free payments online by using your computer, phone and other devices.
  • Mobile – you can make payments ‘on the go’! This payment app is compatible with almost all smartphones and tablets.
  • Advanced Features – it has enhanced security features such as EMV and encryption. You can customize your payment screens, receive detailed reporting of up to 12 months of data storage and enable user permission management of up to 5,000 users.

If you want to know more about this amazing payment platform that works well with any business, please refer to the ‘Stay Up to Date’ area on the portal. Here, you can find various links that will give you more details about Converge. Just use the link that’s appropriate to the specific topic of your interest to get more information.