Viverae Wellness Program

Login to the Viverae health management system online using Access your personalized health experience for members with up-to-date and by the minute program data for administrators. A simple to use yet powerful app is easily accessible and always available to members.

How can you get the most as a user and member of Simply put, the entire program and its layout is mobile and user-friendly. You can engage your account and information from your desktop to your smart phone. Personalize your wellness program and create an engaging experience. Each health and wellness program is just as unique as you are, and a configurable worksite wellness program allows you to manage and engage in incentives.



MyViverae Benefits

  1. In all in one package all under one roof instead of meeting the use of multiple vendors
  2. Access your account information anywhere you have Internet access and a mobile smart device
  3. Configure your wellness program your way
  4. Presentation ready metrics are available instantly with board room ready presentations 24/7

Viverae is a leader in wellness practices in the workplace. Offering fun technology that is yet comprehensive and offers options throughout its program for everyone. Viverae offers individuality and self design in order to fit each member’s individual culture. This allows people to stay in tune with what’s going on and keep them excited to participate in the wellness program offered.

Log in for the My Viverae Member Experience

Workplace wellness programs allow members to start living better right away. A path is designed to create a healthy lifestyle with available opportunities to encourage small improvements daily. A number of designed member experiences around progress, not focusing on perfection, allow members to begin living better today. To begin your workplace wellness journey, first members must log into My Viverae client area and complete the health profile in individual care plan that is created from self-reported, biometric and claims information. Each member chooses how they want to engage in the program.

As an up-to-date and current member, ones can set all kinds of goals that include:

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Behavioral
  • Condition
  • Weight loss
  • Motivation
  • And access to health coaching through the online community support system

Stay up-to-date automatically to make day-to-day experiences relevant. The value shown of wellness investment is quickly exposed as members explore wellness on their own terms through both apps and device features for employers and peers alike. After initial goals are reached, further support for members is offered to help update health profiles and care plans to allow members to prepare for future goals.

For questions or concerns regarding the Viverae health and wellness experience, you can reach a customer service representative by calling the following phone number: 1-888-848-3723 or write to: 10670 N. Central Expressway, Suite 700 Dallas, TX 75231.