– Register for Auto Santander Account

To enter and access your Santander bank account you will need to create an account with the help of the official website: With your account you will be able to access your bank statements, make payments, check your balance, and search your payment history. While in your account you will also be able to sign up for paperless statements, auto pay, and create text alerts to remind you of your payment due date.

First you will need to visit the website and create an account by simply clicking the “sign me up” link located under the login button. You will then need accept the agreement and proceed to the next page. Once there you will need to enter your personal information to create the account. You will need to provide your account type, social security number, date of birth, and zip code before you can proceed. To continue on you will need to verify the information you have entered by simply checking over the information and clicking the “Verify” button located at the bottom of the sign up page. You will then be asked to create your account by entering your email address or  username and creating a password. You will use this information to access your account the next time you visit the website.





Located at the bottom of the home page are a number of useful links like the company’s “Terms of Use,” the “Privacy Policy,” and most importantly a page named “Contact Us.” By clicking this link it will take you to a page within the website that you will be able to get information to contact the company if you have any questions about your online account. Also you will be able to read FAQs and learn a little more about the company in the “About Us” section, or simply get help and online support.