– Check Your Gift Card Balance

You no longer have to travel to the store to check your Target Gift Card Balance, you can simply check your balance by visiting MyBalanceNow is a website designed to make checking your Target Gift Card Balance from the comfort of your own home at your convince. Not only can you check your balance but you can also use the site to manage your account and view your recent purchasing history.

Target Gift Cards are available as a Visa Giftcard,  MasterCard Giftcard, or as a Visa Prepaid Card that can be used at millions of locations across the United States. This makes purchasing your favorite Target items easy, simply present your card to the cashier and use as you would a Credit Card or you can select a PIN and use as a debit card. Its just that simple. To select a PIN for your Gift Card you will need to do so at your first purchase, the PIN you enter at the register will then your be your permanent PIN for future transactions. Its important to know your balance before you shop and you can do so by using the official MyBalanceNow website.


Once you are on the official website you will be asked to enter your unique card number printed on the front of your Gift Card, then the expiration date, and the CVV code. The CVV code is printed on the back of every credit card and is unique to your individual card. This code is important to identify that the card is in your possession. Once you have entered the required information you will click go and be taken to the next page where you can set up your account and view your balance and purchase history.

If you have any questions about your Gift Card you can click the link at the bottom labeled: “Learn More…” and it will take you to a page about your card, important things to know, FAQs, your card-holder agreement, and a place where you can contact the company with any questions or concerns. Each time you would like to check the balance of your Target Gift Card you will need to enter the important information located on the front of your card- card number, expiration date, and the CVV code.