Mydlink Account Management

D-Link is at the forefront of technology, taking the lead in designing and producing software that enables you to control, monitor, and share through the website  You can take your life with you where ever you go in the world. You can simply share photos, keep an eye on your home, or even access your music from anywhere in the world through your D-Link Account.

To set up your D-Link account you will need to visit the official website at and create your account. Click the “not registered” link located on the right hand side of your screen and follow the instructions. You will first be prompted to download the setup wizard specific to your operating system and model. Then after launching the wizard you will need to follow the instructions to set up your device. From this set up wizard you will sign up for a mydlink account by choosing a user-name and password that will later be used to log into your account online.

DLink Registration


DLink SignUp

Once you have installed the necessary software and created your account you will be able to access your information where ever you are. D-Link is simple to use and easy to understand, and lets you access your personal Cloud where you store your files, control your network, and view your installed cameras. You will then be in charge of your digital life, staying connected to the things that you love while keeping them safe. Once you account is activated you will be able to take advantage of powerful services at no additional charge by simply powering up your network device. You will be able to connect all your smart devices such as your smart-phones, tablets, and computers to one server allowing you access to all your digital files.

DLink Clound