– Resolve Defaulted Loans

Get accurate information and assistance to help resolve defaults it loans or grants through that have been assigned to departments resolution group. There are many grant programs included that can be resolved through federal student aid at

If you are not confident in which default you have a regarding what type of loan or grant you have, you can use the national student loan data system or check the original loan or grant documents that you have concerning the loan. Some of the loans and grants that are covered under this debt resolution portal include the following:

Direct loans. Direct loans include federal Stafford, consolidation and plus loans that are offered through the William D Ford direct loan program. Grants that are included are the teach grants that have been converted to direct unsubsidized loans.


Federal family education loans. These types of loans include federal Stafford, federal consolidation and federal plus loans.

National SMART grants and TEACH grants. In some instances you may have to repay part of the federal grant awarded to you.

Federal Perkins loans. When these loans are placed in defaults, they may remain with the school or they can be assigned to the department for collection.

To help get your grant or loan resolved, navigate by selecting the proper link located towards the bottom of the page. The different choices you have include borrower, school,Guaranty agency, employer and private collection agency. Click the term that best describes your situation, and click the go button.

Each resolution will allow you to view information regarding your account, give you a list of options that can be used and allow you to make an educated decision on how to take care of the loan or grant. Through your account you can view your defaulted debt amount, do your payment history and view many options for resolving your debt.