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With you are able to track your Fico Score from three separate bureaus to make sure you get the most accurate Fico Score. With this monitoring you will be able to track your score, monitor your credit reports, view your score, and keep informed with what will impact your score. On the official website you can learn about what affects your score, find savings and credit cards, and they even offer a forum where you can connect with a community of people that have the same concerns as you.

With this subscription to you will need to create a personal profile to accurately monitor your Fico Score. Once you have become a member you can enter your log in information and enter your profile. Its important to monitor your credit score so that you can obtain credit cards and loans with good interest rates in the future. Fico scores have become the standard for measuring credit risk in auto, retail, mortgage, card and banking industries. The largest financial institutions are going to view your Fico score to make consumer decisions.

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More About MyFico and What it Can Do for You 

You can use the websites community section to apply for credit cards, read featured FAQ’s, and read other interesting Fico Scoring and Topics. These posts are a way for you to stay informed about your score and learn what you can do to improve your number while connecting with like minded individuals that have same questions and concerns as you. This forum is filled with topics that will give you the information you need to stay on top of your score. Use the “connect with the COMMUNITY” tab in order to do this.  From here you can scroll down to view a variety of different forum topics such as:

  • User Guidelines and General Information
  • Community Feature FAQs
  • Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge!
  • Understanding FICO Scoring
  • General Credit Topics
  • Relationships and Money
  • Personal Finance
  • And more

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My FICO Member Login Portal

If you are a member that would like to use in order to sign into your account you can use the “Log In” link at the top of the page in order to do this. This link will be visible no matter which tab you are on. Your login information will include your User ID and Password. If you are having trouble recalling what your User ID is you can keep in mind that it may be your full email address. If you still cannot remember your user ID or even your password, you can use the “Forgot your User ID or Password?” link in order to get help recovering this information.